The Antarctica Experience – Limited tickets available.

Sat 1 Sep 2018 – Sun 14 Oct 2018

Virtual Reality Adventure

WA Maritime Museum

Few are fortunate enough to travel to Antarctica. Even fewer experience what it is like to live there.
That’s all about to change.

This is your opportunity to explore a day in the life of Antarctic scientists as they research this mysterious continent. This is the first experience of its kind, filmed in Antarctica in 2018 in spectacular 360-degrees with 4K, high-resolution footage.

You will see first-hand the work that goes into understanding climate change, managing eco-systems, researching sustainability and conserving wildlife.

Along the way you will:

  • Explore Antarctica from a helicopter cockpit, even landing on glaciers.
  • Jump in a zodiac to discover the resident penguin colony and see the new chicks.
  • Explore Davis Station and logistics that go into surviving the harsh Antarctic conditions.
  • View the spectacular Southern Lights in high definition.

With 360-degree camera control and stunning high quality vision, we welcome you to your immersive Antarctic Experience.

This world premiere VR adventure is showing exclusively at the WA Maritime Museum from 1 September.