White Spark Pictures is an independent production company based in Perth, Australia. It was founded in 2017 by producer, director, and writer Briege Whitehead and from the outset has had two distinct divisions: one producing factual content for the international television market and one harnessing the latest technology and filming techniques to produce VR (virtual reality), immersive and interactive films for venues and VR-enabled platforms. White Spark has quickly developed an enviable reputation and has established strong relationships with broadcasters, financiers, distributors and government organisations, both domestically and internationally.

To date, TV productions from Briege Whitehead and White Spark Pictures have appeared on leading broadcast platforms around the work such as National Geographic, the History Channel, Discovery and Netflix, while its first VR title, The Antarctica Experience, has been declared Australia’s most successful VR project of all time after playing to sell-out audiences in major venues including Canberra’s National Museum of Australia and Sydney’s Australian Maritime Museum. White Spark is now gearing up to launch this groundbreaking VR film to international audiences.



Few are fortunate enough to travel to Antarctica. Even fewer experience what it is like to live there.
That’s all about to change.
A unique opportunity to explore a day in the life of Antarctic scientists as they research this mysterious continent and the effects of climate change. This is the first documentary of its kind, filmed in Antarctica in 2018 in spectacular 360-degrees with 4K, high-resolution images.
You will see first-hand the work that goes into understanding climate change, managing
eco-systems, researching sustainability and conserving wildlife.

Along the way you will:

  • Explore Antarctica from a helicopter cockpit, even landing on glaciers.
  • Jump in a zodiac to discover the resident penguin colony and see the new chicks.
  • Explore Davis Station and logistics that go into surviving the harsh Antarctic conditions.
  • View the spectacular Southern Lights in high definition.

With 360-degree camera control and stunning high-quality vision, we welcome you to your immersive Antarctic Experience

Other Projects


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In the most remote island of Australia, beneath the waves of the rugged Southern Ocean, lies a secret buried for thousands of years. Once part of the mainland, Salisbury Island was accessible by foot, the caves home to the Pleistocene inhabitants who roamed the region before the last ice age. Now this underwater world preserves prehistoric artefacts, proof of the remains of ancient Aboriginal heritage, and safeguards to the secrets of their time.


Impossible Planet

Our planet generates an incredible amount of natural phenomena. From luminescent, electric-blue waves crashing ashore to mysterious fairy circles as far as the eye can see, all are seemingly miraculous in their existence. Some can be reasonably explained, but others baffe even the most experienced of scientists. This series takes us on a journey around our vast planet to discover just how strange and unaccounted for our world can be. Welcome to our Impossible Planet.


Haunted Crime Scenes

Every tiny creak is magnified, every whistle of wind a warning. The creepy silence that rings throughout an empty, abandoned building is always guaranteed to give you chills. It’s that moment of walking into a place with an overwhelming feeling that you shouldn’t be there.. .. and with good reason.


Poisonous Liaisons

Tales of crime, passion, revenge and murder. All laced with a cocktail designed to kill. One drop, two vials, three doses… what does it take… Poison can be elegant, it can be rough, a slow burn or a quick solution… but no matter the method, it’s always a premeditated plot for murder. Decisive, calculated and incredibly effective.

White Spark has 360, VR filming and sound production capabilities. 

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